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Sacramento Plumbing Professionalism

The plumbing company you hire should be professional and courteous as well as experienced and affordable. The best way to find out if the company you selected is professional is to just give them a call. The person who answers the phone is the standard for the company, how they treat their clients, how helpful they are and of course how professionally they conduct their business. Ask a few questions about your project; find out if the person on the other end of the phone is informative and helpful. If you are treated in a way that makes you uncomfortable by the one who answers the phone, just think about the stress you could endure dealing with other aspects of the company.

Look at the company’s profile online, read reviews and find out what kind of experience others have had when dealing with this company. Stop by their location and take a look at their place of business, ensure that it is organized, clean and well stocked. When the plumbing contractor comes to your home to give you an estimate look at the truck or van they pull up in. If the vehicles being used are not well maintained, that is usually a bad sign.

The Plumber’s Experience

When you are looking for a plumber, you have to consider their experience level. If you have a large project that needs completed, will the contractor you hire have the skills needed to handle it? Ask for a portfolio of previous jobs, numbers or references from past clients with similar jobs and don’t just stop with receiving the contacts, call them. If you jump in with a company that says they can handle the job and find out later they cannot, then you have lost money and it will cost you more to have another plumber come out and finish up.

Be sure that the plumber you choose has all their certifications and licenses required by the state in which you live. They should carry Workman’s Compensation and liability insurance to protect you and your home. Make sure you ask to see a copy of their policy and ensure that it is up to date and offers adequate coverage. If there is damage to your home or an injury on your property, without proper coverage by the plumbing company, you could end up paying out of pocket or using your insurance policy.

Quality Materials

The company you choose should be able to explain to you what kind of materials they use and why. There are many alternatives from copper that can save you money but the lower the grade the higher the chance for future damage.

The company should stand behind their work with guarantees and if they are using cheap materials then most likely they will not warranty the parts. With cheaper materials you are more than likely going to have call a plumber back out to your home due to a cracked pipe, loose fitting or other issue and even if the parts are the problem, you will have to pay for labor and parts again to get the job fixed. So, think about the quality you want to use before trying to save a few extra bucks using a company that offers low grade parts and materials.


Warranties are a huge bonus when it comes to finding the right plumbing contractor. If they are using better quality materials then you are able to relax knowing that the manufacturer offers a decent warranty on them. The labor costs for warranty work can vary from costing you nothing to a smaller percentage of the original job to paying full price. Find out what the warranty policy is for the company you choose and be comfortable with it before allowing them to begin work.

If the plumbing company is unable to give you a clear answer about how they handle their warranty work, think about how hard they will be to deal with if a problem does arise. If something goes wrong with the project or the parts fail will you be on a backlog for weeks before they get to you? Everything should be put in writing and a copy of their warranty policy included with the paperwork before work begins. The more you know now the fewer struggles you have later if something does happen.


Everyone wants a great price but when it comes to dealing with a good plumber, a fair price should be what you are after. The difference between the lowest estimates you receive and the highest may be the quality of work being performed. So, ask all the right questions and do your homework before hiring a contractor based solely on estimate price. Be sure you understand that an estimate is just an estimate and cost can change after work begins. The best way to create less confusion later is to have every detail included in the estimate. If there is a specific model number or product name you want to use, include that. If there is a grade of materials you want used, include that. Any changes that are made to the estimate should be discussed prior to a price increase, make sure the plumbing company adheres to that rule.

The best advice is to go with your gut. If you feel the company is hiding something or just simply have an uncomfortable feeling about how they deal with you, then move on. The best guide to finding someone who is trustworthy is our own instincts. With the right questions and the proper procedures you can combine that together with your gut instinct to find the perfect plumbing contractor for your job.

December 7, 2015

I have called on Preferred Plumbing & Drain of Sacramento for years. These guys are really good Sacramento plumbers. If you want a great Sacramento plumber, give them a call.

Ken Sweeney
Sacramento, CA

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