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Sacramento, CA

Reviewed on November 23, 2015. #1 of 4 Reviews

Roto-Rooter Sacramento truly is the Best Plumber in Sacramento! My Sacramento home was built back in the early 70's and they used polybutylene piping in all of the plumbing throughout my home. If you don't know about polybutylene plumbing; it starts to fail from the inside out. A perfectly good looking pipe can start to leak tomorrow because all of the decay starts from the inside. Over the last 2 years I would have gotten several small leaks. I finally decided to get estimates for having my entire home replumbed. I have called Roto-Rooter of Sacramento in the past to fix the leaks and they were always fast and reliable. Roto-Rooter was not the cheapest bid, but I went with them because they were the biggest name I could trust. I didn't want to go cheap after all I have been through over the years with this polybutylene plumbing. It has really been a nightmare! I wanted it done right. I hired Roto-Rooter and they did the entire job in less than 2 days. Roto-Rooter of Sacramento was extremely professional and took the time to explain everything to me. They were very clean, thorough, and extremely professional. Thanks Roto-Rooter of Sacramento! I HIGHLY recommend Roto-Rooter of Sacramento! Sandra Locke Sacramento, CA
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